Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello & Welcome to my new blog!

With this blog, you will be able to keep up with me as a writer and find out about publishing dates, read teasers, enter promotions...a whole bunch of stuff. Most of which I don't know right exactly now, but I will set it up/make it up as I go, ok?
I'm not exactly sure how a writer does a blog thus far. If I were to be honest about my day's activities these days, It'd go something like this:

Got up, checked Facebook and posted a bunch of pictures pertaining to my book and the characters in it to my writer page in the hopes that I will get more likes.
Went to work on my proposal. Going good so far, but this marketing plan is really kicking my ass.
Stared out the window for a bit.
Filled out some info for a friends blog feature. That was fun!
Stared out the window some more.
Told off the cat for jumping on my laptop. Now is not the time for cuddles, Sheldon!
Tried to set up a blog using another site. Got very frustrated an came back here.
Am now writing said blog.

Thrilling, huh?

So I'll try to keep it interesting, not talk about the animals *too* much and keep you updated as much as I can. Things'll change and through my window stares, I'll probably forget some stuff along the way, but us creative types minds wander a lot...

...about those cats...

Right, writer stuff.
Since the blog is set up to have a profile about Me-As-A-Farmer-And-Writer me and not the Me-As-A-Writer me, the profile will be a bit sparse. I'll make another post with regards to More About Me (writer me, not me me. Clear so far? "As Mud", you say) and another with a synopsis and fun stuff like that.

Have fun, ask me questions and give me suggestions!

CM xo

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