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The synopsis for 'Eve' is as follows:

‘Eve: A Weston Witches Novel’, 82, 894 words, written by Cindy Mitchell ["C.M.Mitchell"] is a supernatural thriller/horror fiction about the end of the world. It is split into seven parts or chapters and written in the first person.Each part begins with a section of narrative from the perspective of the antagonist and continues to the main novel from the protagonist’s perspective. It revolves around Eve Ward, her sister Kathryn and members of her community. Eve et al are ‘witches’ – they are the human evolutionary absolute and the title of‘witch’, we learn, was given to them many years ago by humans. It is a Good vs.Evil tale.

The book begins with Eve dreaming she is in bed in an unknown bedroom with an unknown dead man. We learn through many dreams, both when Eve is asleep and awake, that the antagonist of the novel, Ave is contacting her. Ave is one half of the original being called The Mother from which all life, worlds and everything was born from. Her other half is Eva and is from which all goodness sprang; Ave the antithesis of this. Eve & Alice,a family friend and a kind of coven leader, are able to ascertain that Ave is here on earth.
Eve must perform many spells to prepare herself for the eventual battle, one of which is to cast a spell to take control of the elements;which then lose control of themselves which in turn, begins the apocalypse.Through another witch, we learn that Ave’s spell book is a kind of diary and Eve is reliving parts of it. She continues by taking major points of power around the world – both present and past. Ave sends the Sphinx to kill them all and surprisingly and with relative ease, Kathryn is able to kill it. We later learn that Ave has been spying on them through Kathryn.
Eve is taken to hell & eventually reaches a door which reveals a fighting arena. A battle ensues and despite all her preparations, Eve is only able to hold Ave back but not defeat her. Ultimately, Eve has a brilliant idea and is victorious.

The target audience is primarily women, teens & adults.Those interested in the work of Stephenie Meyer, Kelley Armstrong et al will most enjoy this book.

The author wrote the book to explore the biology behind supernatural beings is a natural extension of her interest in anthropology, the supernatural & ancient cultures. The story also aims to press the importance of family & ancestry.

The synopsis for the rest of the series is:

'Eve: A Weston Witches Novel' is part of a series called 'The Oakwood Collection'. Oakwood and the towns in it are a fictional place in Northern Ontario, Canada. Each town has different stores to tell and the stories are of different genre's.

Weston, in the west of Oakwood, is where the witch stories take place and has three books that take place there.

East Falls is in the east and furthest from the forest and is where the vampire stories take place and currently has two books that take place there.

Norborough, in the North/NorthWest is where crime/thriller books take place. It also has two stories to tell.

Finally, South Fields is the large area to the south and currently is a mixed bag of topics - most work has been done on an agricultural themed 'whodunnit' mystery. All other works are in various stages of decidedness* by the author.

Oaskwood is a large forest both in the center of and joining to each of the four towns. It has it's own stand alone novel to tell, involving characters from all books as they hunt down a werewolf. 

*The author retains the right to make up words and take liberties with both suffixes and prefixes as and when she chooses.

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